How to Prepare and What to Bring

Correctly preparing yourself to work with Ayahuasca and other Master Plants is important to get the most from your healing experience. Our natural location also means that being correctly equipped will make your stay more comfortable so you can fully relax into the process.

Ayahusca and Master Plant Dieta personal preparation

We recommend that all guests get a medical checkup prior to working with us in any capacity. Specifically we suggest a blood pressure check and ECG to screen for any heart function abnormalities. This is the responsibility of guests to undertake themselves, if you are traveling we can recommend a local doctor who can perform this test for you.

Avoid recreational drugs including marijuana for at least 2 weeks prior commencing your dieta or ceremony.

Avoid alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours prior to Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Avoid sexual contact for a minimum of 48 hours prior to Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Ensure you are well hydrated, but please avoid drinking too much water directly before or during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

It’s suggested that you avoid foods with MAOI inhibitors  (link) for at least 24 hours before drinking Ayahuasca this includes:, fermented or non fresh foods, cheese, miso, tofu or other fermented soy products, dried fruits, tamari or soy sauce, sauerkraut, pickled foods, protein extracts, processed or smoked meat products, yeast/brewers yeast, (yeast in baked goods is OK). We also suggest that in the weeks before drinking Ayahuasca or undertaking a Master Plant dieta you prepare your body to receive the medicine, this includes avoiding too many fried foods, caffeine, spicy foods, dairy, pork and other sugars.  Basically, fresh clean and natural foods with a high ratio of fresh vegetables and fruit is the best way to prepare

Many medications and natural supplements are not complimentary with this work and can be dangerous especially MAOI inhibiting medications, SSRIs and or antidepressants including St Johns Wort. Please consult with your doctor about stopping any medications prior to drinking Ayahuasca or attending a dieta, ideally at least one month before.

If you are a women coming for dieta, please take note, hormonal contraception must be ceased 2 weeks before coming. Also IUD’s have interfered with the process of some women. If you are not in a partnership we recommend considering this as a time to potentially remove that.

Please advise us of any medications you have taken or are taking as far in advance as possible and we can discuss your individual situation.

Also visit our Medical Guidelines page for more detailed information.

Meditation, yoga or other mind/body/spirit practices are very complimentary to this work teaching you to focus your energies which can be very useful during this process, however this is not mandatory.

Vaccinations for traveling to Peru – most western Doctors will recommend Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Hep A, B and sometimes also Malaria pills. We do not not recommend any of these vaccinations as necessary to visit The Garden Of Peace. Malaria and Dengue fever are extremely rare in this area and we are not in a low lying or swampy area where they sometimes manifest. Some countries such as Australia require a yellow fever vaccination card to re-enter after visiting Latin America, this is your choice, we have never actually had ours checked at customs so this is your choice. If you do choose to vaccinate please try and do so as long as possible before coming.

What to bring

Most importantly, a good attitude, being humble, respectful and open minded, prepared to surrender to this work as a process that reveals itself over time. Reflecting on your own personal intentions, questions or healing goals is also beneficial.

We are in a remote location and have to transport guests in a 4×4 to reach the center. Your is not about moving around a lot and your clothes dont get very dirty. We advise you bring the minimum amount of luggage that is practical for your travels, this is not a fashion show or a vacation. Simple is best. 

Suggested items to bring for dieta.

Small flashlight or head torch – required in ceremonies which are conducted in pitch darkness within our Maloka and for walking around the property at night. Bring spare batteries.

Lightweight comfortable long pants and long sleeved shirts, 2 or 3 sets. Also  (wearing something white in ceremony is a suggestion for the healing vibration this color holds)

A warm jumper/sweater as the evenings can get chilly.

Water bottle.

Rubber welly boots, or other waterproof footwear. 


Shorts and tee-shirt or sundress etc for travel to and from the centre 


Waterproof jacket or poncho.

Socks which cover your ankles and lower legs.

Swimwear (optional, we think swimming naked in the river is good for your health!)

Yoga mat if you like.

A padlock and key for your hut, if you like.

A little something personally significant and sacred you are welcome to add to our alter in the Maloka during your stay, crystals etc.

Lighter and Mapacho natural tobacco if you smoke, this is the only option in our centre and can be purchased easily in the markets of Tarapoto.

Creative materials for your dieta – pen, paper, paints, crafts, musical instruments, whatever you would like to channel your healing process into.

Toiletries – IMPORTANT! during dieta non 100% plant based toiletries and cosmetics are incompatible with these medicines, this means non natural toothpaste, moisturizer, makeup, deodorant, bug repellent, shampoos, sunscreen, etc. Many products marketed as “natural” in fact contain chemicals and minerals or salts so please read the ingredient list. We recommend brushing your teeth and moisturizing with organic coconut oil and just releasing the need for all other toiletries during this time unless you can find totally plant based products. We can also offer you some alternative options here (you will survive we promise!) If you refuse to refrain from using inappropriate cosmetics you may be asked to cease your dieta as this can be dangerous to yourself and others.

Mountain Rose Organics is a good website if you strongly feel you need to bring some products.

Books – while it’s OK to read, we don’t suggest you spend your whole dieta doing so, this is because you can become distracted from your own process, escaping into books. However if you would  like to read we recommend books on spirituality, philosophy, healing, nature or personal development to keep you focused on your purpose.

Electronics, there is no need to use electronics during your dieta and we are out of range anyway. Laptops, cellphones etc can be stored securely in the main house during your stay and we have limited access to electricity as well.  It is appropriate to listen to a little gentle music but be mindful of others space and quiet using headphones or keeping your distance when doing so.


Please don’t rush off, its wise to have at least 48 hours after cutting (breaking) your Ayahuasca master plant dieta to move slowly away from the centre and on with your journeys, please don’t book a tight schedule for after dieta. We can recommend a great range of accommodation options nearby the center. You never know how you will be feeling and may need to move slowly. In some cases weather may also prevent us leaving on the scheduled day so its safer to have a window of time before traveling on.

Important: For information about post-dieta dietary and behavioral guidelines visit here

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