Volunteering and Work Exchange

The Garden of Peace is a small operation usually running with around 5 staff at a time. We do have a limited number of work trade/volunteer opportunities each year. If you are interested in this program please write to us via the contact page. This is how it generally works.

  • All potential volunteers must come and undertake a fully paid dieta of 10 or 14 days with us.
  • After the dieta if we and the potential volunteer still feel its a good idea there will be a 2 week trial period.
  • After the trial period, all going well the work trade is 3 months of intensive immersion/work trade at our center.
  • All food, accommodation, opportunities to sit in ceremony, learn about plant medicine etc are provided in this time.
  • At the end of the 3 month exchange the volunteer is welcome to another 10 day diet free of charge.
We do things like this for a number of reasons, most of all for the wellbeing and smooth operation of all guests and staff, our volunteers become like housemates and family to us so it needs to be the right fit. Generally we will ask to do a skype interview with any potential volunteers before they come also. Please note: Volunteering is arranged 3 – 6 months in advance.  
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