A humble healing center where the Andes meet the Amazon.

Working with traditional shamanic diets and master plants including Ayahuasca to transform and heal your mind, body and spirit.

Let's walk the earth in Harmony

About Us

Founded as an act of sacred service. The Garden Of Peace is a safe space to access Peru's shamanic plant medicine therapies including La Madre Ayahuasca.

Our wish is to help you heal on many levels and grow so that you may live fully and from the heart, it's that simple.

Meet our team of healers and staff here.

Meet our team

Ayahuasca Retreats
& Master Plants

Immersive 10 day or longer ayahusca retreats and master plant diets in our jungle sanctuary to heal and transform mind, body and spirit.

Our traditional healers guide you through this transformative work drawing on thousands of years of wisdom in a safe, focused environment with 24 hour access to English speaking staff.

For those who feel called to it this path of healing is truly life changing. We are here to facilitate that change.

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Ayahuasca retreat Testimonials

Ayahuasca and the master plants can assist with treating many conditions physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We have had excellent sucess particularly with depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, arthritis, parkinsons, trauma, grief, addictions, eating disorders and more. Often serious condition require a longer stay which we can accomodate on a case by case basis.

Many people also experience deep clearing, insight and inspiration, read more about our past guests experiences.

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Retreat Dates

To apply for a retreat please write to us via the contact page. Our retreats are usually 10 or 14 days long but longer dietas can be arranged.

2016 dates
DEC 11 - Dec 21 (10 days) FULL

2017 dates

JAN 5th - JAN 14th (10 day)
JAN 25th - FEB 7th (14 day)
FEB 16 - FEB 25th (10 day)
MARCH 12 - APRIL 10 (30 day)
April 23 - May 2 (10 day)
MAY 14th - MAY 23rd (10 day)
JUNE 15th - JUNE 28th (14 day)
July 15 - 26 (12 day Yoga)
Aug 7-18 - (12 day women's)
Aug 27 - Sept 5 (10 day)
OCT 14 - OCT 27 ( 14 day)
NOV 5 - NOV 14th ( 10 day or combine with Nov 20th retreat for a 30 day)
Nov 20 - DEC 3 (14 day)

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