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El Jardin de la Paz is not just a healing centre, it’s also our home and the base for a vast international network of friends and family who come here to heal, teach and connect. We invite you to be part of that network as honored guests in our garden, welcome to return for years to come.



Ashley is an experienced shamanic healer and is the resident musician at The Garden of Peace.

Originally from the South of England but has traveled the world for many years. Ashley has been studying sacred plant medicines and shamanism in Peru for the past 9 years, facilitating in centers and undertaking his own dietas alongside his teachers.

He loves surfing, travel, mangoes, music, nature and his magical Chihuaha Mayu who also lives at the centre.


Reyna trained alongside Maestro Hegner and has over 15 years of experience as an Ayahuasquera and Vegetalista.

As a grandmother herself she embodies the powerful, protective and nurturing forces of mother nature in her very being.

A warm yet firm teacher she openly shares her knowledge and experience with staff and guests alike reminding us always to trust in the power of natures divinity.


Mel is from England but has lived in different parts of South America for more than 20 years, for the last 11 she has been working with sacred plant medicines and has worked with Shaman and Medicine people from Peru and Ecuador. She has also worked intensively with Native North American traditions and has received the blessing to run Temazcal (Sweat Lodge). She is firmly dedicated to supporting the healing of others. She is a lover of nature and animals, good food and always continuing to learn.



Hegner Paredes Melendez is a Master Ayahuasquero and Vegetalista from the Pucallpa region of Peru. Coming from a powerful lineage of healers he brings immense depth of experience and a profound personal connection with the land, plants and spirits.

He has a particular affinity with Palos Fuertes (hardwood trees) and has spent many, many years in solitary diet with these master teachers.

His traditional, humble and heart centered presence inspires deep respect and intense support for transformation within this wisdom path.



Lara was born in New Zealand, alongside her team she manages the overall operations of The Garden of Peace across both administrative and operational activities.

She is a dedicated student of plant medicine and the ways of the goddess.

Lara practices Reiki, Yoga, Pranic Healing and reads Tarot. She loves Hip Hop, Jazz, good food and all things mystical.



Tristan hails from the mountains of Virginia, USA.

He is our resident wizard assisting in all aspects of centre life, from building and maintenance to assisting in ceremonies, gardening, cooking, translating and accompanying guests to and from the centre.

He is a brilliant storyteller, kind heart and dedicated student of plant medicines.



Khala is our resident Australian Fairy. She is a certified Yoga teacher, Artist and Teacher. Her tree house property adjacent to The Garden of Peace hosts individuals who need to stay a while longer after their work with us or who are engaged in artists residencies and personal contemplation. Khala is also studying plant spirit shamanism and works alongside our team to support guests in their process.



Jason came to the Garden first as a guest and graduated through our work trade program to become a full time staff member and shamanic apprentice. Born in the United States he has always worked with plants and felt deeply connected to the healing power of nature.

Driven by deep empathy and compassion, Jase has a unique capacity for understanding the subtle energetic dynamics of healing and spiritual work. He loves playing his guitar under a tree, travelling and his wife Maria.



Hailing from Norway Maria came to The Garden in late 2015 and has since completed numerous master plant diets with us and now entered a shamanic apprenticeship. Her calm and dedicated service to guests comes from a deep desire to give back after receiving immense personal healing and growth through plant medicines.

Passionate about food, nature and supporting each person to fulfil their potential Maria provides an incredibly grounded and caring presence. She loves going on adventures, cooking and christmas!



Hikaru comes to us via Okinawa Japan and the US. Bringing over a decade of experience working with plant medicines, shamanic ritual and natural healing he brings a wealth of experience to the team. A professionally trained chef and world traveler Hikaru is always ready with a joke or some obscure advice at just the right moment.

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