Ayahuasca & Master Plant Retreats

Enter deep spiritual communion with plant consciousness.

"La Dieta" is a shamanic healing modality used in the Amazon for millenia to cure illness and unlock mystical wisdom. Ayahuasca is the great mother of the jungle and all the other plants are her children. Combined, they form the great spiritual pharmacy of the Amazon Jungle.

This work is whole being healing that restores balance to mind, body and soul while illuminating our vision to guide a path forwards.

Once you see, you can not unsee.


Our ayahuasca and master plant retreats, traditionally referred to as “dietas” are an immersive, 10 day (or longer) (plus 30 days post-dieta) personal journey aimed at taking you into deep levels of cleansing, expansion and healing for mind body and spirit through the practices outlined below. These dietas are serious spiritual work for mature people who are prepared to focus, surrender and receive the immense wisdom and healing available through this ancient traditional path.

Stripping back the distractions of mind and society, clearing the blockages we have to assist us in creating the condition to reveal our true nature, our purpose on this earth, our heart’s truth. There are many spiritual paths to healing, but for those who feel called to plant medicine, it is a clear and heartfelt call, one worth listening too. The plants are consciousnesses that connect with us when they want to help.

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Please note: Retreat dates, costs and application details are at the bottom of this page.

It’s worth noting that dieta is not just for treating physical illness. This work is a process of healing, growth, strengthening and expansion on multiple levels. Gaining clarity about our lives, connecting deeply with spiritual dimensions and your higher self, cleansing emotional and energetic aspects or simply filling up with inspiration, creativity and personal power, these are all benefits that can be gained from an ayahuasca and master plant dieta.

If you want to learn more about what ayahuasca and master plants are please visit our Master Plants  page.

For information about some of the kinds of illnesses and conditions that can be treated with these retreats our Healing Stories page offers some examples but please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual situation. If you are aiming to deal with a chronic illness or long term health issue you may require a longer stay, we will be honest with you about this.

Our ayahuasca and master plant retreats are a process. In moments you may feel like nothing is happening, in others you may not be able to leave your bed; it always varies and is different for everyone. If you can surrender to the process, be curious and trust that you are accessing thousands of years of traditional healing wisdom you will find that everything is revealed in its own perfect timing.

At The Garden of Peace our main focus is on ayahuasca and master plant dietas as this is where we see the strongest benefits for guests, however it is also possible to join us for single ayahuasca ceremonies by arrangement.

For those who need or want to undertake longer dietas than our standard 10 days, please write to us.

Please note: It is also possible to diet master plants without drinking ayahuasca if for some reason this is your preference or ayahuasca is not suitable for you, please also contact us to inquire about this option.



Tabbacco Ceremony.

On day one you will be given a tobacco tea purge ceremony to cleanse your body and energies in order to receive the ayahuasca and other master plants. This process involves drinking a small amount of tobacco tea followed by several liters of water, creating a purge where you rapidly vomit up the water and tobacco. It’s not all that pleasant but is also very different to being “sick” and is an essential part of safely beginning your dieta.

Interview with Maestro.

Each guest will have an individual meeting with the head Curandero and a senior translator in order to discuss your personal condition and intentions for the retreat

Fasting and Diet.

On the day of your tobacco ceremony, you should only consume a light breakfast before the ceremony and will eat 1 meal aftewards.

During the rest of your stay we will prepare and serve all your food in accordance with the guidelines set by our Maestro. You eat 2 meals most days and 1 meal on ayahuasca ceremony days. The reason for this special diet is basically to create a neutral environment in your body so the plants can work optimally and not clash with any other strong chemistry or energies inside your system. The diet also softens, opens, cleanses and rests your system so as to harmonize most effectively with the entire process of your dieta.

The diet excludes all salt, sugar, oil, acid and meat but we do provide more variation than the very strict rice and plantains only diet served in some other centers. Your food at The Garden Of Peace is likely to consist of rice, quinoa, lentils, dried green peas, plantains (green bananas), green salad, green vegetables, sprouts, potatoes, chia seeds, corn, boiled free range eggs, fresh herbs and herbal tea.

Once your dieta is finished it is essential you follow one month of post-dieta food and behavioral guidelines. Not doing so can disrupt much that was achieved in your dieta and also make you very sick.

Please read about these guidelines on our Post-dieta page.

Please note that during your dieta, it’s also crucial to abstain from using any cosmetics or toiletries that are not 100% plant based, you can read more about this on our Post-dieta page.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

In a 10 day dieta you will generally participate in 3 or 4 ayahuasca ceremonies. To read about what an ayahusaca ceremony involves and what to expect, please visit our Ayahuasca Ceremonies page.

Our healers use the first ayahuasca ceremony to help “diagnose” you and decide which master plants you will be drinking during the course of your dieta.

It is during these ceremonies that many of the strongest experiences of your dieta may occur including deep personal and spiritual epiphanies, psychedelic visions or healing purges (vomiting, sweating, crying, laughing, using the toilet) where you release emotions, illnesses and other energies.  Ayahuasca is a strong natural medicine that cleanses, heals and teaches, it is for these reasons that we drink.

Yes ayahuasca ceremonies can be very intense and we do our absolute best to make sure guests feel secure and are informed, safe and supported at all times.

Master Plants

There are many powerful healing plants in the Amazon and our Curandero’s have a vast range of botanical knowledge having done extensive deitas with many plants for months and even years at a time becoming intimately acquainted with each plants spirit and it’s uses for healing and teaching. Our Curandero’s also activate these plant extractions with their own energies before serving them to you.

During your dieta you will be given a master plant to drink most days, you may drink one or a combination of plants. To read more about these plants visit our Master Plants page.

Noble silence and meditation

You are the master of your own dieta, though guided by the plants, Curandero’s and our staff, it is your own willingness and commitment to surrender to the process that will take you into the depths of this experience for your highest good.

Spending as much time as possible resting, practicing meditation or yoga, writing, creating, walking alone, sleeping and reflecting is the recommended approach to your dieta.

Your Cassita is a private sanctuary and we encourage you to embrace this time as one of inward reflection. Our guest guidelines and commitments detail more clearly what behaviors are appropriate during your dieta.

Fire Ceremony

Time and weather permitting we like to create a small bonfire at the end of each ayahuasca and master plant retreat. You can write intentions for your future and offer them to the fire, enjoy some time chatting with each other and simply celebrating the completion of your healing journey.

Flower Baths

Baño de Flors (Flower Baths) are an integral part of traditional Amazonian Shamanism. These fragrant, purifying waters are poured over the body to cleanse, protect and energetically seal the curative powers of your dieta and will be available during your dieta.

Post Dieta

Your time with us is just part one of the process. Your 30 day minimum post-dieta period is crucial to the healthy integration of your diet. To read about these conditions please register to the post-dieta page. Your dieta is unfolding over time, you are connecting with the healing process and it will continue to reveal things so please be mindful of this when you commit to the retreat


To ensure the highest standard of healing for all our guests bookings are received through an application process. This is simply to ensure we can provide everyone with the best care and experience possible. We are an intentionally small center currently limiting retreats to a maximum of 8 guests. As the name implies peace is one of our highest priorities, the environment of serenity and family that we have created is maintained in part by this application process.

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Retreat dates are on our Home Page and below  – to enquire about a retreat please write to us via the contact us form on this website and we will respond as soon as possible. If spaces are not available you are able to go on our waiting list and we will respond as soon as a space opens up.


10days $1250USD

14 days $1450USD

30 days $2500USD

Yoga and Womens Retreats $1350USD

 We also have a limited number of reduced rate spaces available for low income earners and regularly offer special discounts as we are able, please write to us to inquire about this and stay connected to our FB page and mailing list for updates.

To read more about deposit conditions and cancellations policy please visit our Guest Guidelines and Commitments page.

If you are feeling called to a dieta but have more questions, please get in touch, this can be a profoundly life changing experience and we are here to help you. In fact, we are honored to help you.



To apply for a retreat please write to us via the application form. If you wish to visit outside these dates please still get in touch.

  • JAN 5th – JAN 14th (10 day retreat) FULL
  • JAN 25th – FEB 7th (14 day retreat) FULL
  • FEB 16 – FEB 25th (10 day retreat) FULL
  • MARCH 12 – APRIL 10 (30 day retreat) FULL
  • APRIL 23 – MAY 2 (10 day retreat )
  • MAY 14th – MAY 23rd (10 day retreat)
  • JUNE 15th – JUNE 28th (14 day retreat)FULL
  • JULY 15th – JULY 26th (12 day yoga & ayahuasca retreat)
  • AUG 7-18 – (12 day women’s retreat)
  • AUG 27 – SEPT 5 (10 day retreat)FULL
  • OCT 14 – OCT 27 ( 14 day retreat)
  • NOV 5 – NOV 14th ( 10 day retreat or combine with Nov 20th retreat for a 30 day)FULL
  • NOV 20 – DEC 3 (14 day retreat)FULL

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. -Hippocrates