Dieta Rules & Guest Commitments

IMPORTANT: You must read and be prepared to follow these rules if you wish to attend a retreat at The Garden Of Peace. They are essential for well-being.

The Garden Of Peace is a sacred space for serious healing, spiritual work, rest and relaxation.

Staff and healers are here to facilitate, guide and protect the process of all our guests and by choosing to come and work with us, guests are expected to adhere to certain guidelines and commitments in cooperation with our team. This truly is for the well-being and comfort of all our guests. If you are having trouble with any of the below requirements please speak with us.

If commitments are broken we will always try to resolve the situation discretely but in serious cases we reserve the right to request and ensure that those individuals leave the centre, without a refund.

By confirming your visit and paying a deposit you indicate understanding and compliance with these guidelines and commitments.

Respect noble silence and appropriate conduct: In this work it’s VERY important to respect the space and solitude of yourself and others at all times. This means refraining from excessive verbal or physical contact which can disrupt the healing process and merge people’s energies in unhelpful ways. Please know staff are always available if you need to talk and will also facilitate appropriate times for group sharing. Also, please try to be mindful of your language, swearing is not ideal, nor is “venting” your processes to other guests or sitting around socializing. No guest should at any time enter the hut of another guest in dieta. Disruptive behavior can result in staff taking appropriate action to protect the space, including asking people to leave.

Commit to the post-dieta. There is a 30 day period after your leave The Garden where it is vital you follow dietary and behavioral guidelines. Guests who diet with us leave an energetic imprint and if you break your dieta we feel it, but far more importantly you can get very sick and undo all your good work without a Shaman or plants to help you correct it once you are back home. Post-dieta guidelines are outlined here

Respect food guidelines: Our food related guidelines are for the well-being of all our guests and are developed to harmonize with the subtleties of this sacred medicine. Please do not bring any extra food with you as everything will be provided for and accidentally eating something extra can cause serious harm. If you have specific dietary requirements, please let us know in advance so we can best accommodate your needs otherwise we will serve you what we have. Nothing should pass your lips that we do not give you.

Respect the land by not polluting, leaving litter or interfering with plants and animals that live here.
Respect the buildings:Please, no shoes are to be worn inside the Maloka or your hut. Do no burn candles on the windowsills or leave them unattended. Please follow guidelines around using toilets correctly as we have a few different kinds here.
Do not leave the The Garden Of Peace property boundaries without speaking to staff first. This is a physically and energetically protected space for your dieta. Walking off into the village, way down the river or into the jungle is not safe for you and we request you speak to us before attempting to do so.

Respect personal property: Please don’t touch or take what isn’t yours. Please keep your possessions in your hut, we are not responsible for any lost items and if you leave something behind we will store it for 1 week before donating it to local families in need.  Valuables such as cell phones, jewellery or passports can be stored securely in the main house if you wish, also if you want to bring a padlock for your hut door this is an option.

Use of electronics such as cell phones, ipods etc: We understand you may want to listen to music or take photos however, traditionally this process is not designed for you to be using your electronic devices at all. We have decided not to ban the use of electronics but we will only recharge your device once every 10 days so conserve your battery and limit the time you spend using them. Also, any damage to electronics that occurs here is your responsibility.

Respect sexual energy and boundaries: As this work deals with the release and transformation of many strong energies, sexual contact of any kind is absolutely inappropriate during your stay. If you develop romantic feelings please refrain from expressing them verbally or physically until after your dieta. Masturbation is also not appropriate during ayahuasca ceremonies or master plant dieta’s for energetic reasons. Please note there are also sexual restrictions involved with the post-dieta period that you need to understand.

Drugs and Alcohol: Please do not bring any recreational drugs, non-natural cigarettes or alcohol to the centre. Consuming these products is not conducive to the work we do and disrupts the healing of yourself and others with potentially very serious consequences. If you are a smoker please bring natural Mapacho cigarettes, readily available for purchase in Tarapoto or Lamas.

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements: Pharmaceuticals and natural supplements are not compatible with these plant medicines. Please consult your doctor and advise us well in advance of any medication you are taking. Be aware that you must be able to safely cease taking them for at least two weeks before the retreat as well as for the duration of your stay (sometimes longer depending on the substance). It is also highly advisable that you refrain from taking pharmaceuticals in the post-dieta period also, except in the case of emergency. Some medical conditions are not compatible with ayahuasca, but you still may be able to drink other master plants and come here for healing. Please read more about our Medical Guidelines and do not hesitate to speak with us about your personal situation. Disclosure of medical conditions past and present is mandatory when making your reservation.

Medical conditions: Guests are required to honestly disclose all medical conditions (past and present) at the time of booking this includes, pregnancy, mental or psychological conditions, physical injuries, ailments, diseases or disabilities.

Cosmetic and personal care products, lotions and potions: Using any of these products that are not 100% plant based can cause reactions during dieta. We highly recommend just using organic coconut oil to brush your teeth and swimming in the river without soap to wash. If you really want to source products speak to us about the brands you are choosing. Castille soap can be a good option and is widely available in many countries.

Safety, emergencies and liability: The Garden Of Peace is in a remote, rural location and at times transport can be slow in and out of the centre.  In cases of emergency we will do our very best to get guests the help they need. However, please be mindful of safety at all times, wearing shoes and using a torch when you move around at night. Do not wander off during or after ayahuasca ceremonies and please do not interfere with the local flora or fauna. If you require medical attention, we will take responsibility for assisting you to the nearest appropriate facility, however any medical costs are the guests own responsibility. By booking a retreat or ceremony with us guests express an understanding of and full responsibility for the risks they may encounter here. The Garden Of Peace is not responsible for any injury to guests that may occur between the start and finish dates of your retreat or ceremony and it is understood that guests absolve the centre of any such responsibility at the time of booking.

Commitment to the process: At times this can be a difficult emotional and physical process for some people. We will support you to complete your retreat as we know this is for your ultimate well-being and have been through these challenges ourselves. However, free will prevails and if you do decide to leave before the completion of your dieta you are not entitled to a refund and we very rarely will allow a guest to cut their dieta and leave on the same day as this is unsafe practice, is you feel you are not receiving something that was promised to you, please discuss with us.

Deposits and Cancellations: For ayahuasca master plant dieta’s we require a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation which is non-refundable and the balance is to be paid in cash upon arrival in Tarapoto.  Please note full payment must be made before commencing your retreat.

Peruvian Law and the Practice of Medicine: The Garden Of Peace complies with Ley N° 28538, Art. 290. The Garden Of Peace is not a medical facility and no health care is practiced under its direction. Its owners, and employees are not health care professionals and do not practice health care of any form.

Important: At the time of confirming your reservation and paying a deposit you indicate understanding and compliance with these guidelines & commitments.

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